So, I’ve been gone for 5 months. Apparently, YouTube is a black hole, that makes you lose grip on reality… and a professional at clickbait.

Saying that working in the YouTube industry has taught me a heck of a lot. So much so, that on my last day, I made a channel that was earning £3,000 a year into making over £6,000 a month. Make it raaaaaaaain.

I’ve also learned that amongst the mountains of ‘throwaway’ social media trends, good content will always triumph and stand out. And if we marry good content with well thought out social media marketing and PR strategies – blending; Google Analytics, Pay Per Click, Trend Spotting, Content Management, Metadata Analysis and last but not least, creativity… Then the worlds your digital oyster.

Truly committing to making great content, can make you win the game that you didn’t even know you were playing. And it’s incredible to watch how fast content can grow and manifest into a whole new adventure.

After being in the industry for 2 years now, I have come full circle and I want to learn more. I’m going back to University and decided to aliterate my life, by studying MA Film in Falmouth to add to my BA(Hons) in Creative Advertsing. To learn the secrets behind successful promotional content, as well as gaining industry standard production and editing qualifications. All-encompassing the goal of learning new perspectives, that will ultimately help me be able to understand how we can make content become as successful as we wish it to become.

I’ll end this by casually dropping our gold YouTube plaque here. Alongside this guru of a man, who has taught me all I will ever need to know about social media.image1 3

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