You know that feeling when you’re standing on a skateboard, you see that hill and think… THIS IS A GREAT IDEA. LE’GO.

And then you realise… as you’re halfway down that; there are no breaks, no steering, no handles, just you and a bundle of faith that you don’t fall on your butt too hard? That’s my life right now.

I’ve dived into working for a YouTube company, editing videos and becoming a channel manager for a big glorious bunch of brands. Which is an incredibly surprising opportunity – one that is teaching me new skillsets of how to build a brand from its roots and make it profitable in addition to a certain level of PR. I’m learning how to analyse real-time data on trends, how to upload to amazon prime, create a pay per click campaign and most importantly… how to be a professional nerd and get paid to play video games. YES.

The office is gorgeous, childish, full of food and has plaited trees (that I took a photo to send to my mum). Swipe for more photos on mobile


Tangent: If you haven’t played Monument Valley… PLAAAAAAAAAAAAAY IT. plAY iT. The graphics, the story line and the general beauty of it all, melts my soul.

Can someone out there help me into a dream job of marketing games?!

Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at 17.01.20

Being in this company for a month, I have taken two YouTube Certification exams – one being in ‘Channel Growth’ and the other in ‘Content Strategy – Brand Partnership’. So come at me with all your viral and brand awareness needs! – Just not viral illness related. I was a pharmacy advisor for three months, and I found my limit to how much genitalia chat I can deal with very bloody quickly. Swipe for more photos on mobile


The plan is to create a new social, design and brand focused portfolio of knowledge – that will kick start a career that I fit into. One that I can continue to be an intelligent creative, using my talents in advertising, marketing and PR to create waves for brands. As I have found that being normal and blending in, is a weakness of mine.

You’ll also find my face in Campaign for a second time – due to my work on an advertising ‘Here to Shake Things Up’ start up, for a diversity focused internship programme. Which again, I have a shell shocked look on my face, can y’all start warning me of these interviews/photos?!


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