I have found myself living in London for almost three months now. I do not know what I am doing here… mainly because I got on the wrong tube.

Most recently, you may have seen that I was helping start up an Advertising Academy. Purely created for interns to gain an 80 week paid placement opportunity, at 10 top agencies. Incredible right? Jealous as jelly. So I got on that PR graft.

Not only was this Academy for junior creatives, but was an all inclusive programme primarily for BAME and mental health charity candidates – offering an  underrepresented and often marginalised group, a well out of due opportunity.


I spent a day up at Mother London Ad Agency jotting future interior design notes, whilst meeting 30 of our chosen new born creatives. They really did make what I do worthwhile, all coming from such diverse backgrounds.

Throughout the day, I had the honour of working with Toby Coulson. A wonderful photographer who has become a master of his craft. Which if I may add, he is a fellow Falmouth student. So go check out his masterpieces at .Great guy. 10/10. Would recommend.

We spent the day snapping headshots of our interns, gaining muscles by moving his photography equipment to three. different. studios. and if by a miracle, staying on schedule.

Event Launch

The next port of call was the Academy launch, in the form of a bootcamp. And let me tell you now, trying to herd a group of guest creative speakers, for a 5 day bootcamp… is a near impossible task.

However the universe answered my texts, only momentarily being left on read… We were privileged enough to have some of the industry’s finest creatives, agree to give up their time and teach our interns at D&AD. I was the videographers handy man, filming Walter Campbell and Jo Wallace passionately swear the house down.

Now What

As of right now, you know as much as I do. I’m getting my hands dirty on PR stunts, blog posts, podcasts and anything else I can cry into.

And finally, here’s the part everyone actually looks at… The photos:


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