Some how I got myself chosen to participate in an assessment day, at rather prestigious PR Company, Cohn & Wolfe. Not only was I one of the only creative there (again), it was my birthday. I so willingly gave myself the best gift of all… a day full of anxiety. *release the party poppers*

The task of the day was to create a campaign in three hours, with seven strangers… Without internet (Thanks to the wonderful hack on WPP) – Seems impossible, but alright.

The campaign itself was to kick off a new coffee brand named, North Star – A company of two brothers based in the UK, proud of their coffee bean journey. And to promote their new Chai Latte energy drink.

During our planning time, we had two notifications. One being that the company had bad press about their coffee bean farm conditions. Two, was that Ben Fogle, an old friend, could give his time to help with the start up campaign.

Surprisingly, all four teams came up with wonderfully unique ideas, press statements and press articles:-

  1. #YourFirstTime – A tongue and cheek campaign asking you to share your first North Star coffee experience.
  2. Follow the North Star – Pretty self explanatory.
  3. … I want to say they appeared at food festivals? It was a long day.
  4. The best one. Crop2Cup, with Ben Fogle.

Yes I am biased, as this was my teams idea. However, we did get voted the winners. I wasn’t mad about it.

I won’t bore you with the insane amount of detail we went to, because… I don’t even care that much about my own life.

The jist is, is that we went with a ‘big bang moment’ launch campaign idea. Sending good ol’ Ben on an adventure through the 6 bean farm destinations. A journey to bring the new energy drink to the UK.

Creating; pop up stores outside tube stations, live social media video threads and weekly cafe themes to coincide with Ben’s location. Bada Bing Bada Boom… Welcome home Ben, lets throw a PR event, in the form of a British tea party. Cute.

I met with some lovely people from Cohn & Wolfe, from all four sectors of the company; Consumer, healthcare, corporate and digital. I thank them for the copious amount of wine and food. You knew your audience well.

Having said this, I didn’t win over the team to start my PR career just yet. So I think it’s wise that I keep learning from everyone I can for now and continue to let the suits deal with the consequences of our crazy, seemly impossible but beautiful creations.

It was a birthday to remember.

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