Bloody ‘ell. I just got myself a placement at We Are Social. Aye, can we get a box of Jam tarts up in here?!

So yes, that is my first ever placement offer, at a social media advertising agency in London that couldn’t be more perfect. They have shark chairs.

I realise that it only gets tougher from here on out, but I could not be more chuffed. I persevered and excessively perspired for 2 months, to get my foot into this agency. Working all my Sharpies and layout pads to their premature deaths. RIP. You did great.

We Are Social is an agency that stole my soul from the get-go. Firstly, their work goes beyond print, beyond what is expected and it is wholeheartedly human. They create ideas that are so intelligent and so thought-provoking, that I’m having to learn everything from scratch, thinking in an entirely new way and I feel privileged to do so.

The two creatives that I have met, Tim and Tom, were on the search for a fresh new brain to feast on… And my brain has been chosen to be put into the pressure cooker. Oh god. They have been so humble and helpfully brutal, sitting down with me for hours at a time to help me build a brand spanking new portfolio. A portfolio that’s entirely on paper. And one that can impress. This has pushed me to think deeper and smarter, no hiding behind ‘pretty’ looking ads, being entirely down to my ideas and thought processes. I took some risks and chose some pretty tough to tackle brands and it paid off.

After this whole experience, I’ve come from having 0 confidence in my ability and doubting myself, to having people see my potential. I came back fighting every time, showing how much I listened, adapted, worked and I was rewarded for it. It was how much I had improved that got me the placement, alongside a whole lot of persistence.

So if I have any advice from what I’ve learned in such a short period of time, is that persistence is key. Prove how much you want the job. Keep going back, producing more work every time. Show you’re willing to listen and learn. Don’t be afraid to take risks.

Most importantly, expect it to be tough and relentless but don’t let it intimidate you. Just get a good antiperspirant in your pocket.

I’ll be back with updates on my placement about what life is like working in an agency. So far I’m thinking that it’s a life surrounded by neon lights, paper and fighting a constant creative battle… And I’m more than okay with that.

There is no rest for the wicked, this is only the beginning. I’m more determined than ever to go produce some work that will impress my new mentors, make them proud… and most importantly, to stop it getting ripped to shreds. That’s the dream.

I’m ready to go fight creatively…


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