I cannot believe how fast these three years have gone by.

I have had the priviledge of working with so many agencies and I thank; Collective London, Fold 7, Rubber Republic, JWT London, TBWA and 18 Feet and Rising, The Hub and many more for all the incredible opportunities. I’ve gained so much by meeting so many new creatives, listening to their opinions and tips.. but the one thing I have loved most has been learning to become a child again. A child with the ability to use data, trends, and insights – to create something that’s not so boring.

Everything has changed this year. I am preparing for this next year and the real world. I. Am. Terrified. But determined.

Thankfully, the Gods have worked in my favour and I’ve met many people to be brave enough to dive headfirst into London’s creative bubble of trouble alongside me.

I will be working on a new portfolio, while I also study the world of film, music and start up an online world that I’ve always envisioned of creating. I will tell you now. This is going to be one hell of a shit show. But it will be my shit show. So grab ya popcorn.

After this year of acting like a chocolate filled student, who is failing to hide from the scary outside world that is looming above me. I will be looking for flats with my equally as crazy uni housemate, Natalie, to assist me on my quest to become the next round glass wearing, OCD instagrammer, slightly insane advertiser, producer, data analysist… I could go on.

Here is me ruining that glimpse of hope, by thinking it’s a grand idea to write an essay on the roof. That’s me, the neighbours garden and my notes. Problem.

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