Falmouth University is a place that I will never forget. As my experience has come to an end, more and more people ask me about Falmouth, wanting to know what makes it so special for creatives. I will write a separate post for those who might stumble upon it, as it is quite a daunting prospect to move to the edge of England.

Graduation. What can I say… I high fived my lecturer as we were applauded out of the ceremony to dance music. I got a chocolate coin with Dawn French’s face on it. The day was just as insane as the people in it. It was everything.

So yes, I did in fact meet Dawn French. She loved my boots… Dawn French. Loved. My. Boots. Dawn French was our chancellor… and she loved my boots. Her speech was amazing, no one could have described us creatives in a more hilariously truthful and respective manner. She spoke in such a way that made us all feel that we were important,  that our creative visions will bring life and soul to the future.

It really was the greatest day of my life. I can’t believe how much has happened in 3 years, and I would not change any of it. The people, my lecturers, my boots.


Finishing with all my fellow creative advertisers felt like the greatest achievement to date. We did it. We’ve all pulled our hair out over campaigns for Hyundai, Carlsberg and Airbnb. All things that we can’t afford right now… But it’s been so worth it.

Getting these buffoons, who had drunk too much prosecco, into a picture, was harder than its degree itself… But here the 2016 Falmouth Creative Advertising Graduates.

Look out for them. They might just be the next big thing. I have all the faith.

Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 16.39.17.png

Let’s all take a deep breath. And pretend to know what I am going to do with my life.

P.s. These were the boots. Always about the boots.

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