Wow. I have been shortlisted for the Shuffle competition, and have been invited to a live briefing event at 18 Feet & Rising in London!

I’ll be working all day on two live briefs and presenting to the agency at the end of it all. Time to use my presentation training and catch their attention. Just like Pokemon. (I have a Pokemon Go addiction, and I need help.)

If I am chosen I could be given a Junior position in the agency. I cannot be more chuffed with myself. I am so grateful for this opportunity, so thank you Gemini!

Wish me luck!

Here is one of the pieces I entered, I had to write an open letter to anybody, in 300 words. When you’re given a task like that, everyone just pops straight out of your head. But an interesting one stayed… NASA.


I am writing to ask you about the moon landing in 1969.

You have welcomed many conspiracy theories about whether you actually managed to get us feeble humans walking on the moon.

I fully respect the work that you do. However, coming from someone who got a B in GCSE maths, it hasn’t taken a genius to notice that some things just don’t add up. Let’s call these failed sums; ‘potential fuck ups’.

I have some Q’s that I would like A’d in this list of ‘potential fuck ups’. And please, I don’t want any of these opinion-based answers. I want facts. Stone cold facts. Stone cold like the moon.

  1. Why did it land like a gently falling leaf?
  2. How did they just stab the flag pole into rock? – Was there a soft section?
  3. A waving flag – Did you use a leaf blower?
  4. Where’re the stars at?
  5. A ‘C’ on a rock – Did someone forget to turn the prop over?
  6. Visible stage light in the visor – Was it made on the same stage as Hair?
  7. Why haven’t we gone to the moon again, to shut people like me up?

Now you may think, Amelia why don’t you just ask Google? Answer: I didn’t really think about it up until this moment.

The truth is, I want to know whether my ambitions need to be shooting further than the moon because if we really have been to the moon, I need to aim bigger and better. Why try to go somewhere someone else has conquered? I want to make my own path, not be an imitation but an original.

If we haven’t been to the moon, then I will need to break down my dreams into two simple steps:

  1. Reach for the moon, succeed.
  2. Get bored, aim for Pluto.

Amelia Munro.

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