Writing a dissertation has been interesting to say the least. Even though I may have complained, and procrastinated myself into an oblivion, I did actually rather enjoy it.

For my final dissertation project, I researched into social changes and how millennials are buying into brands that represent a certain lifestyle that they admire. This has become obvious down to the increase of popularity in Instagram figures and Youtube famous personalities. Showing how society has shifted from being passive consumers, into an active consumer that make informed choices, not only about price but about which brands they allow to represent their personalities.

Brands are now having to incorporate meaningful messages, styles and morals that are strong enough to represent their brand with just their product being shown. All so that the consumer can successfully create their own image, that is easily recognised and understood by others. This is becoming increasingly important by the rapid evolution of social media, as millennials want to find their group that they want to identify with and find their own little niche. Which in turn is making consumers into content creators, that are adding to how the brand is viewed in society. 

I took inspiration from Levi’s, as they have done this insanely well. The brands “Go forth” campaign is all about being free, standing up for you believe in, expression, spirituality, love and creativity. Really tapping into the demographics current desires, trends and aspirations. “The Gods believe in you”

For me this was a great basis to take Calvin Klein and give them a strong brand message that’s all about being adventurous and living life to it full potential. I also wanted build a very inclusive campaign, to broaden the target audience allowing for more consumers to be able to warp the message into their own content. Thus the evolution of a Courageous Klein and Calvin Kushty campaign.

The whole campaign idea converged out onto social media, but here is the main concept idea for a feature advert, using clips from famous lifestyle bloggers Jay and his girlfriend.

All these pieces are using well-known YouTubers, so all images and footage are all theres and are used for ideas purposes only.

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