You know what I dislike? And I don’t dislike many things. Is that when creative people taste a bit of success, they forget to stay grounded. Which is what makes people so unique and great, in the first place.
I feel that it’s most important to always stay true to yourself. Stay kind, stay humble. Talk to everyone and help anyone who needs it. Being approachable will never be a hindrance.

In a creative career, you never know when a drop will come. You’re going to need those friends, contacts, and humans that genuinely want to help you to get back on your feet, and ignite that brain with some bizarre ideas.

Meeting Jolyon from Channel 4 creative was someone who stood very humbly, telling us that it’s okay to still get things wrong and not know what you are doing.

Top things I learned from Jolyon’s talk from Channel 4 were:

  • Don’t be a douche bag.
  • Be a failure.
  • You can’t polish a turd.
  • Funny gifs are always appropriate.

Jolyon was the funniest human, he had an amazing portfolio, career and life stories, showing us Falmouth students that it’s all possible if you want it and work hard enough… But most importantly it’ll happen in you stay humble.

Joylon who works as a creative for Channel 4 showed how each creative career can be joined in some way. Music, advertising, TV and marketing are now all combined that bring incredibly limitless opportunities, where you just don’t know where it will take you. So not being afraid to enter something new, is the key to finding success as a creative.

In conclusion… Be like Jolyon. A professional failure.

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