I would love to create a space on here that shows you the whirlwind that is the life of creative advertising, because it takes you places that you would have never of even thought you could have reached. Making it easy for these moments to just pass you by as normality, when really they’re an amazing achievement.

Not only is the creative advertising world on it’s own little planet, not many understand what we do other than drink, laugh and eat.

We also sleep. Just kidding, but our whole working culture is very different, one that is turning work into just paying attention to the life around you, talking to people and learning what makes them tick. You also learn to open your mind like a child again, there are no restrictions to any of your ideas, the weirder the better.

Since September we have spent some crazy weeks in London visiting as many agencies as we possibly could. Listening to their stories and visions. All introducing us to a new way of thinking, that I would love to get my teeth stuck into.

I have done various campaigns for an amazing selection of London based agencies:

  • Collective London
  • Fold 7
  • Rubber Republic
  • JWT London
  • TBWA
  • The Hub

All amazing agencies that I have felt privileged to create work for such high profile brand briefs. Our favourites being  JWT, Rubber Republic and TBWA, not only because I am biased because I fell in love with their work, but our campaign ideas actually ended up being their top favourites. Over the moon.

JWT and Rubber Republic were incredible brands to present to. We had to come up with a simple social media campaign for Halloween, that the masses could get involved with. “Dare to Chew” was the fun Vine trend that was created.

I’ll be releasing my favourite campaigns along with our (A²)  new portfolio website, just so you can see what on earth goes on in this brain of mine.

Munro Amelia.


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