Creative partnership – A²

Amy and I are slowly but surely building a brand for ourselves to eventually go out and show London how we do. Both being copy writers and art directors, means we have double the trouble and double the creativity.

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 00.26.59

Vivid Drinks – Collective London brief.

We (A²) created a poster campaign for VIVID drinks. We wanted to create a conversation with the target audience around London expressing the friendly and caring tone of the company. To do this we wrote smart little rhymes to not only entertain people, but to intrigue them.

We made 5 posters for the new year in January, to be placed on walls, beside maps, tube stations and ambient advertising by creating spray painted versions onto the ground.

We focused on the effects it has on sustaining your focus, and the health kicks that commence in the new year.

WWF – Portfolio work.

Core Concept
Using strong role models who helped shaped the world into what it is today, so that we can remind the target audience of what can be achieved. We want to link the things that once seemed impossible but where ultimately achieved, with the destruction that we’re currently causing the planet.


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